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Burning Mistress - lyrics

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Lost in spires of ancient wood
I don a cautious guise
My world became illusory
Before I realized
Her radiance of emerald
The scent of ambergris
Whether Helen or Medusa
A hex cast upon me
What sort of spell can it take to burn
This mistress from my soul
In misery I embrace my chains,
Never to be awoken
Desire courses through my veins
A lust which stays unquenched
Perpetually taunting me
Like stone to Sisyphus
Condemned to cold starvation
Uncontrollable in pain
She'll drive me til my flesh is dead
To feast on my remains
Take heed all those who enter
Within this sombre wood
A witch beyond the furthest depths
Entrances all who could
Succumb to fiery beauty
In her wake unbound
A darkest doom impending
A corpse upon the ground
Wicked bitch
These chains of flesh
A body left to burn
Another one
To follow me
Never to return

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