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Midnight Tygers - lyrics

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Ruffians hanging in the streets
Go far on violent sojourns
Nobody but their prey
Knows what it means to feel the pain
Fevered loins bleed to feel
Arcane fires of the chase
Eyes on the prize, their fate
Turns towards the black dreamscape
Thus enter the enchantress
Seductive manic hellcat
And in their eyes she's prey now
She lay battered and defiled
Then suddenly elation
Suspended animation
As her vestal blood runs
Into the claws of Satan
Midnight tygers
Sorceress of Antioch
Midnight tygers
Brings her curse upon their lot
And suddenly elation
Suspended antimation
And in her hands, they're clay now
To mold as pawns unto her law
Midnight tygers
Violent rogues
Rendered as slaves
Midnight tygers
Virginal witch
Enchanted sage
Riding through the night
Don't catch her sight
Lest you be caught
In her cage...
Ravisher souls are bound, servile
Twisted under her control
Magic bestowed, pledge towards
Chaos, no longer to rule her home
Unleashed with the powers of ten
A wise man would be pressed to give in
Face to face, won't hear you beg
The jungle will win!

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