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An ostentatious oral outburst
Offends all of my senses at once
Butchery, I observe and I recoil
Your language echoes through the streets
In a hapless mess of floral wreaths
I am discovered
With a multitude of accusation
My contemporary artist palette
Would be quite contrary
If it deigned to elevate you
To a wood-board Lucretia
And I find no beauty
In what I see here before me
But I know with objectivity
You'll be a bit of fun for me
Now burn your clothes
Recite the words
A delicate verse that your
Tongue would ill serve
Solo: Ruiz
Solo: Preston
You're not more than a brutish imp
And to think you actually would win
My hand with judgment fondly served
And your aloofness so deserved
These tools you taught me how to use
Come in handy driving nails in my new ward
Evans couldn't find a better board
Or ragged girl
Now bite your tongue
Sit back and watch
As choirs of starry eyes
Sing my name...

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