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Them People - lyrics

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Oh Shit
There go them people
Yo why these motherfucking people keep fucking with me man
Me and my niggas..uhh..
[Hook x2: Krazy {Halleluyah}]
I'ma run, on the block, with a gun
Cause I think I hear them people coming {I here them coming nigga}
And if it's beef, on the block, then it's done
I think I hear that chopper humming {I hear it humming nigga}
[Verse 1: Yogi]
I think I'll take this here bundle and stash it by the bushes
Them laws riding deep and I don't really wanna push it
Plus I got a pistol for them jackaz that be scoping
I gotta keep it on me if them people come, I'm josting
And that's the guidelines that I live and I die by
Niggaz walk up on ya broad day, fuck a drive-by
And if a witness still left in they never leave ya nothing
I gotta run whodi, I hear them people coming
[Verse 2: Jazzy]
3 in the morning them niggaz still getting it
Glocks in my pants, Rocks in my hand
Fiend after fiend taking penitentionary chance
I guess them p's thought that it could be my last thing
They serve things quick on some get down friend shit
My first mind told me to grab mine 'n squeeze quick
So I let loose and let that thing start humming
It wouldnt'a never happened if I wouldnt'a heard them coming
[Hook x2]
[Verse 3: Krazy]
I scream No Limit dog cause I'm a keen breather
I'm all set tatted up in a wife beater
And my niggaz cross the canal they love me mane
Before this rap shit, dog I was slanging 'caine
My bitches all love to see my tat on my face
I'ma hit 'em with that thing that's below my waist
I'm the realest motherfucker that No Limit got
Find another nigga realer then me, Think of 'Pac
I could touch y'all haters from a mile away
My real friends all call me "Doc Holiday"
Whether I get richer not mailing least I try
And if a nigga said it i'ma hold that nigga life
[Hook x2]
[Verse 4: Halleluyah]
I'm on the hustle for the bucks like a round the clock
I gotta cheese line of fiends pumped around the block
I keeps it gangsta, the boy stay "Dirty" like "Hampers"
And a 30-30 sound like a bang of the hammer nigga
By any means gotta get it like Malcolm
Keep the semi in my jeans you could figure the outcome..OH
You keep doubting and my niggaz'll come
I suggest you play like you hear them people and run
I'm the realist to ever do it
I got it locked on the block with them grams, Cuz i'm hot with the music
Keep the thang in my hand, Man I like how I use it
Catch a hot one, watch a 4 blow like its fuses
[Hook x2]
Man..How these punk police man they keep tryna pull us over man
These punk fucking fedz keep taping our phones and shit man
We ain't tripping man, Ya'll motherfuckers can't stop us man
I hear that chopper humming
Nigga holla heads up when them people coming
New No Limit baby we gon do this shit
Nigga til the game over and the game ain't never over

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