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Sky Among The Clouds - lyrics


No more will you wake up feeling low
no more reasons why you can't let go
do you lose your own serenity
as now everyone hates you because of me...

all the weight that you felt before
it's nothing new comin' through you door
now you know I'll use it for my gain
no resurrection but I'll stay the same...

but as the time seems right
I will guide you out of the light

among the clouds, I turn around
the sky above is what I found
where clouds cover the land
soon the sun will shine again
open your mind and realize
until it's right before your eyes

you'll leave behind all the hurt
but still the silence always burns
I will despise you because of me
burn your eyes and watch you bleed

puppets and demons, you in between
singing praise to those never been seen
behind the curtain, we'll meet someday
one more betrayal, life slips away

inside your mind and skin
there is this nightmare deep within

Lyrics was added by Lucipher69

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