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Journey - The Grand Quest for the Magical Aco.. - lyrics

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Fearg leaves Morgan and goes into the unknown to achieve his quest
Three comrades travel with him to join his adventure, companions of walk
Analeth is Korrigan. A healer who took care of the hero
A strong bond unites these fellow beyond Fearg's conscience
The second companion is Shtomp. His wisdom and fealty are precious virtues
He has a great knowledge of tradition and the history of Sidh
Darag Cagar, as for him, possessed bye the Dorhu Schraal, ages ago
Both entities merged in one agile wolf-man
And little by little as they wander from Naom Gan's Sidh
Woods turn less profuse, they arrive in the lands of the Daimh' Dorkh
Once fellows of faries, Daimh' Dorkhs had lost their mind
Banned form the sanctuary
One night they meet with Groan and Arobiate, Bright Daimh' Dorkhs
They devise a rebellion on cure their tribe
Helped by their allied, Fearg wins Cat'Dun
And takes over the Gailach'Claid
Victorious in Cat'Dun, the heroes pursue their crusade
They reach swamps of moorland and penetrated in the cursed lands
No colour, all is grey
A mist of melancholy hangs above this territory
Where dwells a lonely woman living in a hut on pilings
She offers them hospitality
The winds tell the legend of Mhaise
Goddess of wisdom who reigned on the Beaghuirs
She shows her real face trying to seize their souls
As Shtomp is victim, the group is now orphaned
Crossing the dead plains, where the Marbh elves live
They finally arrive to the doors of the beehive fortress
There stands a shaman Daimh' Dorkh named Dubiar
Tells that to get the acorn must the nameless beast be killed
The fight turns out easy but deceived by the shaman
Fearg has to confront the evil Thron Agar
Darag Cagar sacrifices himself enabling the escape of his companions
Analeth and Fearg run across the beehive slaying everyone in a flood of blood
Titan strife between massive armies and Analeth is killed by Thron Agar
Fearg charges in a giant Daimh' Dorkh and slays Thron Agar with the Gailach'Claid
Carnage is total, Fearg got back the acorn in pain and heavy losses
But the war ain't over and a passage has been opened to the world of men
Eritrain' Dun battle is now to come

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