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Pride And Malevolence - lyrics

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We, Kronians have won the first step of our quest
We are now the masters of the weak keltain land
Albiorix is enslaved, the formors weakened
Therefore it's written Naerg shall be ours
Bard and Kronian
Albiorix commited sin - Your people belong to us
The sin of disgrace - Weak race you'll decease
I Hornd, chosen warlord of the formor kingdom
Swear on my blood to avenge the fallen
Gods have spoken, and our blades shall havoc
We will struggle and defend our honour
Bard and Formor
Against a mighty coalition - Thousands of Formors died
Remember the Goddess Mother - A war fratricide
Keltain rebels, supporters of peace, longing for the end of the shame
And then an encounter was settled to convince Hornd and set up a break
At night, a formor, brave and tall, arrived to the glade, the hand on the sword
Time has come to bury centuries of carnage.
Formors and Keltains are bounded by… blood !!
Chaos ! We the Kronians are proud to rape and raid them all
Beware ! And forget any morrow 'cose we raised the sword !
Suddenly, a score of Kronians emerged from the darkest woods
They rushed on the Formor, a shadow bodiless, vanish in the fog
Amazed, the ambushed sprang on the betrayer who fought 'til death
Alone in front of an army resolved to ruin the hope of alliance between Keltains and

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