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The Lamentable Tragedy of Deirdra - lyrics

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Absurd totems consecrated to the gods of iron and fire ruling our land
Carnage and bloodshed, looting your pleasures and I am your devoted myrmidon
Spreading the blood of my gallant brothers as I feel it flowing on my hands
Weary I am to cut the flesh and I drown our mother under those vermilion tears
I deny you grotesque deities, my broken blade testifies of my wrath
Never will I serve ye again, for thee precious Deirdra my life will be vowed
And thus Cairn chooses his path, betraying his race and gods
Riding the way of heart, renouncing the elder’s law
Gods of War
Omen didn’t lie, The young fool betrayed
His destiny’s traced, Renegades shall die
Will their love be stronger than demise ?
Only gods can decide, Thus they shall be on their guards
Eritrain Drun dichnath… impending armageddon !
Cairn betrayed the law of his ancestors
Cairn betrayed the law of Rylkia the wolf
Cairn betrayed the law of his ancestors
Cairn betrayed the law, his doom is so to cease
Infamous and despotic lords, I deny thee all and your ignominies
Prisoner of my destiny since the dawn of my glorious existence
Ignorant I killed my brothers, saw their boiling blood on my shameful blade
Rylkia, you barbaric deity, may you char in the flames of my wrath !
As Cairn has met his fate, Albiorix treated with the mighty Kran
Betrayer daughter shall perish, captured by her king… father
Controlled by the Kronians, Albiorix goes insane
Requiring Balor's head… against his daughter's life
Will Cairn have the courage to slay Balor the great
To repudiate his race and be forever damned
In fury Cairn decapitates, and rides towards MinAstarach
Three times the head curses his betray and soon Cairn arrives in Ultraigh
But so is doom for Deirdra is slain in front of the Formor in a daze
Kronians' dark designs have succeeded, as Cairn is lost alone with his madness

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