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Ultraigh tri codachtruin - lyrics

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Slairgh !!!
From beyond the seas we’ll spring out, the Formors, mighty and proud
Slaying and killing the Keltains, to reign on Ultraigh we fight
The fortress TirhGoardch will fall by the flash of our bloody swords
I Caturix the Albiorix’ son am swearing on my Keltain blood
I will avenge the Formors’ betray by repulsing their troops away
We, the heroes of Ultraigh, the mightiest warriors of all lands
Tomorrow we’ll face our doom to fight in honour until the end
Ultraigh will rise, Ultraigh will rise, Ultraigh will rise !
Ultraigh will fall !
Woe to the vanquished ! infernal torment
Sealed by fire and steel, a painful destiny
Now it’s time to feast to the glory of our race
To drink in the skulls of the craven Keltains
The first battle was a disaster for the Keltains though it was only the beginning, more battles will follow, more bravehearted warriors will be slain, more women will cry their fallen heroes... the massacre only began
Ull khurnut uln dhomd dian, niur dar iarnaig, ull marbhrathard !
(Our honour we shall defend, avenge by the steel our killed brothers)
Cairn : Poor Keltain you’re doomed to death
Caturix : Young virgin dread the battle, here the gais’strach defy you
Cairn : Fear my name I am torment, quicker than lightning I stab
Caturix : Feel my hate, sustain my wrath, blood of wolf flows in my veins
Cairn : Taste of blood filling my mouth, my blade shreds your scarred bodies
Caturix : Swords in fury are broken, anger embraces my soul
Cairn : I crush your skull, your end arrives
Caturix : Wounded to death, I feel my soul escaping me
Prionnsachan Birtoarchg Chaisgriob diancum, fraghaîrna tar’righarduin’cabhal, taichgroach’ienalmaih ull borbaichg... Art’birtainar’parmhaig uln spùrmagaol tnallgaothùn !
Highlander Leader
Groachshios’na barrtein’en , ull Gaidhealach’entreun, a’marbh uln naihrm dar tar’iarnaig oir mail’bruin uln... Art’thoirtnar’parmhaig buannaichnra’lùth dar fuachdamsgorr !
Prince of Bards
Portêchnara tar nuad’findt ûn Prionnsachan Noirdiché trabhn breitlab, gearradh’nar feola ull sganiardn nu marbhnar’t intuian ull schachdtara... Art’tareign’parmhaig trabhn’Tir Na N’og dar seol’uthua !
Bodararchand Wizard
Uln Bodararchand’mhaisruigean’a. Firn’a uln eolas’mînbodarnuag nu tar boil, a’marbhta ull naihrmna dar ordleach’eagalr... Art’losgadhr’parmhaig stamargrùn dar iodh’dorcha !
The ground rumbles under the charge, Titanic clash of countless hordes
Battle frenzy embraces their souls, Feeding the need of massacre
Bard and Formor
During three days and three nights, the wrath of Keltains never failed
Dying for their land and freedom, (the) might of Lug filling their heart
Strength of Balor is so terrible, each attack, three hundred burned alive
Change this once fertile country into a swamp of blood

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