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Chained in my cynical redemption
Toxins in my brain, drive me insane
Adrenaline pumped, lose of control
Absolute domination of nothingness
Re-doing a world, just for one fuckin’ moment
My sensitivity goes numb
A sacred feeling of euphoria runs in me
Damnation of all our weaknesses
I cannot see my own fuckin’ immorality
Frustration of something I cannot change
I can’t even see myself arriving nowhere
Frustration of something I’ll always be
All of your tears are in my mind
Emotion sustained breaking me inside
Past is haunting me in redemption
I pull the strings of my own god damn misery
There’s no ending in this for me and you
No second chance to fuckin’ prove
There’s no right from wrong
In this void of pain and torment,
Why live if I don’t believe?
Remaking new paths, a life of negligence
An anger disorder
All turns to grey and dust
Your fading emotions, dried out
In a false serenity as we unlock this door

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The Monocromatic Era

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