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Retribution Engine - lyrics

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After those years of betrayal,
I emerged from the sleep
Breaking all sentiment of sympathy,
You’ll pay the fucking price
Your only option is to run and hide
I’m now coming for you,
So pull the fuckin’ trigger on yourself
You’ll only get what you deserve,
You’ll feel my deepest hate
You’ll feel my pain deep down inside,
Deep down inside your core
I’ll bury you down, bury you down, still alive
I’ll never let you, never let you,
Bring me down again
Fuck those lies I’ve submitted to,
Those false promises you’ve shown
To be the core of your rusted soul,
I know my eyes say more than just words,
Machine guns steady to blast in your
God damn face
And now you see, what I’ve been through,
All those god damn fuckin’ years
Desperation and aggression,
Is what you made of me
No more masks, no more shells,
To hide yourself with, you’re now naked
I now see, your truest face

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