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There is a part of me that you all fail to see
hidden deep inside this time all light dies
Everything I hold dear is now fading
I bite my tongue but still, I'm not waking-up
there is no escape, there is no place safe
I have to find the strength to fight myself alone
I am buried deep, under lock and key
no demons just me
I'm Broken in darkness I'm riven Ensnared
Please bring me home
what am I living for
all the wrong turns that I made define me
Pray for the pain
I'll let the scars and wounds
become the armor I wear
to fight fear
The noose is quickly getting tighter around my neck
All those moments I've lost, all the things I regret
It's hard to feel it's to breathe
There is no hope there's only war inside of me
I've been running for so long
fuck it here I am

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