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Choices I will never make
I won't stand aside anymore
Looking at your lies, truth's still worth fighting for
I will never be a part of your game betraying all I believe in
Look in the mirror you fucking pricks
I cannot stand you're still breathing
A nation of cowards
Lost in their lie
Suffering is all you deserve
You think that you won but you're still a fucking rat
You make me sick
The same old story over and over again
Don't tell me what to do and what to think
First, you were red now you are blue
This is my final stand I say fuck you
I'll never forget the lives you ruined, the walls you built, bridges that you burned
No I'm not afraid anymore you can try to stop me I will scream these words
I swear I will never be just like you even when I am alone I will remain true
I hope there's still someone worth fighting for I hope for everyone

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