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Abandone all hopes. Stop living in the child dream. Nothing and no one but yourself, can keep you safe from drowning. Sink all the boats, burn all the roads and become that what we all fear. How small do we all feel? I have found the path. Just to see myself.
Sinking deep again. Is there's no more to me? Do I deserve all that I've been given talk to me! If I'm not wiling to fight, I'll watch the worlds collide. Collide! You said that I could be, I could be anyone.
But I can't be myself because that‘s not what the others want. A nail that sticks out, must be hammered. You think that you can break me, but I've become the fire. Burning inside! We are the sinkers. The blind believers. We are the sinkers. We sink down and drown! I have found the path. Just to see myself sinking deep again. We are the sinkers! The blind believers! We sink down and drown. Is there no more to me, a lost soul. Surrenderd to be controlled.

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As Above So Below