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Carolina Boys - lyrics

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(Verse 1)
Don't ya see me lookin' cool in my white tee shirt
and my cowboy boots, and my baby blues starin at you from across the room.
Did you see me lookin at you?
( Yes you did, I saw you staring at me)
Did you see me lookin' at your eyes,
lookin' at your legs,
Lookin' at your thighs
Lookin' at your backside.
Did you see me lookin' at your man
I don't understand what a woman doin' with a boy like him.
( A boy like him)
Well, I saw your man standin' there
And I gave him a glare, and I swear
He looked pretty scared to me.
I saw him swallow his pride
And I looked deep in his eyes
And we decided that we would take this outside
Cause Carolina Boys get roudy loud.
(Yes we do)
Don't look at me
I'll turn your whole world upside down.
Cause we get roudy loud.
(Verse 2)
Didn't mean to scare ya with my roudy redneck friends.
But I couldn't help but notice you walk in with him
In his three piece suit,
and penny loafer shoes.
Girl, tell me what am I goin' to do with you.
Do ya wanna ri-i-ide?
Do ya wanna dance all night?
Do ya wanna take a little trip in
my four wheel drive?
It might get roudy loud.
(Verse 3)
Now tell the truth girl,
you saw a new world,
The moment that you laid your pretty eyes on me.
Well, I'll give ya something to talk about
Something to think about
Tell the whole world about
A boy like me
(Chorus x 2)
Cause Carolina Boys get ROUDY LOUD.
Don't look at me
I'll turn your whole world upside down
Cause we get roudy
Been known to get roudy
Yeah, we get roudy loud.
Ahh, girl.
What's wrong with you?
Wanna take a walk out to my truck with me?
Ahh, your boyfriend will be fine.
Well, I'll go ask him.
Hahaha, shoo!

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