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The river is wide, deeper than deep
On one side they're cryin', on the other they're asleep
And it's all a dream, 'least it seems like to me
Might never wake up, listen to the steam
As the big wheel turns, are we headed up stream?
The fog's too thick to really see
All I know is I still float
Slow boat
Slow boat
I got my coat, I brought my chaps
In case we land I'm gonna need 'em for that
'Cause there might be a horse, I might need to ride
Carry your message, carry the flag
To where we're goin' or am I goin' alone?
Are you there? Pick up the phone
I can't make out what you wrote
Slow boat
Slow boat
All I know is I still float
All I know
I don't know

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Jeff Bridges