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Be My Valentine (ft. Dickie Allen of Infant A.. - lyrics

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you have the perfect heart-shaped ballsack
and i want you to smash it against my forehead
i'll grip your butt cheeks
and motorboat your ass
and floss my teeth with your bootiehole hairs we'
ll have a romantic picnic
we can make shadow puppets
with our dicks i wanna use your cock as a snorkel
and swim in the sea of your ass quit wasting my time
i'll get on my knees and blow your fucking mind let'
s get married and run away
so i suck your dick each and every day we'
re gonna blow dudes by the masses
and make them stare directly into our asses
we are the penetration administration
we live our lives for the thrill we are the
penetration administration i'
m addicted to dick and i'
m not gonna quit it wanna see a magic trick?
i'll make your nutsack disappear jam your balls
into my eye sockets so i can see our future children it'
s no secret that i want to make you mine
whisper gently into my ass
i'll rip your pants off at the drop of a dime
and eat that ass like i did with your dad
(dickie allen)
i want to diddle that dick rose pedals fall
as your balls smack my chin i can take a dick don'
t question it strip me down this lace gown
and go to town spit in my ass on this valentines day
i have a crush on every boy i want to lick their taint
there is plenty of dick to go around spreaded ass open mouth

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