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er****** Injection (Feat. Bob Williams) - lyrics

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Huge balls
My chin
This shows the world
Im a force to be reckoned with
Theres not a single person who can handle this dick
Give me your all
I know i can take it
You call yourself a man
But you cant even swallow it
Lets play a game
It’s called whos dick is in my mouth
Hands up high
Pants down low
I’ll eat the booty like cheer eeee ooooos
There are way too many people taking this shit way too seriously And are getting butthurt
Like, what the fuck man
Chill out
It's just a joke
But seriously i really do want to suck your dick like so bad
So fucking deal with it bitch
If you take your dick and shove it between your balls, it kinda looks Like a hamburger
You really ought to try it
Spread your sack
Im starting to feel the itch again
Stretch it out and hold it to a light
It kinda looks like a veiny roadmap
A roadmap to my mouth
Im not someone you can fuck with
Yeah the crew i hang with is sick of all of your shit
You're not a real man
Unless you know how to deep throat someone's balls up your ass
Cross my dick and hope to die
Shoot your load and make me blind

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