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The Birds And The Brees (Feat. Mike Greenwood.. - lyrics

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Let's lock dick lips
Give it up for the world and how they taught sex-ed
I'm pretty sure you need a shield to keep protected
I always thought that making love was such a strange thing
Especially when you decorate your cock with a ring
I'm not too sure what it's for but I think that it's cool
I'm about to get butt naked and jack off into the pool
And when I'm done with that I'll probably shave off all my hair
And cover myself in mustard and throw myself down the stairs
I want to deep throat your balls with my ass cheeks
While I bounce on your sack, we'll call it gymnasties
I'll make your nuts bounce like a pogo stick
Have you seen my ass?
You know that shit is EXTRA THICC
Every mother fucker has something to say
Bitch, I'm like Burger King - you can have it your way
Tuck your balls back and squeeze them with your ass
Sometimes I wonder what it's like to be a car
Get leaded up on gasoline and hit my dick with a spark
Now let's do like a roller coaster and ride your life away
Despite the constant negative press covfefe
Let me tell you something about how to use a condom
Make sure you get it extra small
So it's wrapped around your cock
Tie it in a knot, then cut the tip of it off
If you don't have a condom, then you can use a sock
Or just put your dick into a mini-headlock
Remember, double penetration makes it way more safe
I'll succ every single person in the human race
Have you ever wondered what it's like inside a copper pipe?
Cause if you stick your dick in
You can start to do what's called "the angry plumber"
It's basically a blowjob but without the hummer
Give it up for the world and how they taught sex-ed
I'm pretty sure you need a shield to keep protected
I don't need no butterflies in my dumbass tummy
Cuz BROJOB taught me how to do the unprotected dummy
Basically you swing your dick around like it's a sword
Until you lose all feeling in your cock and then get bored
Twist your nipples and slam your dick in the refrigerator door
Send them to the slobber house

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