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Tuff Love (Feat. Duncan Bentley) - lyrics

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I’m gonna take a chainsaw and hack and slash
A beautiful statue of you
With my hands around your neck
I’m gonna squeeze and squeeze
My lips and give you a big fat smooch
I’ll paint the walls red
With poems of adoration
I hope you fucking choke
On your words of infatuation
Tuff love bitch
Is another word for a female dog
And should never be used to degrade women
I’m gonna smother you to death
With these loving arms
I hope you fucking diet
Because health is very important
With my knife i’ll cut and slash
Cute designs onto a card for you
I’ll put you six feet deep
Into a brand new swimming pool
You’ll be staring right down a barrel of
Cute puppies to play with
I’ll take your fucking breath away
With the softest, tenderest kiss

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Tuff Love (Feat. Duncan Bentley) - Single

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