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Angels of Fire - lyrics

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The night is falling down, secrets lost in the time
Shadows in the sky, sorrow in my veins
Vengeance calls my name
Angels of fire
One is the creed, kill to live, never look behind you
Go! On your way, hide the trail, the snake will bite
Everywhere, anyone, they can't surround you
Crawl in the night something wild
The town will burn
Two are the words: strong and brave,
That you have to follow
Fight and the night's by your side, you'll never fall
In their hands, rot in hell, the guns are blazing
Fire on the road a car explode
The blood will flow
Angels of fire, fight against the world
The screams in the dark are calling my name
Darkened desire, vengeance will be done
In a lake of blood and fire
... This is the end
Three are the shells, in your gun,
Fighting in the shadows
Hate is the name of your star; no time for tears
Anyway you will ride the darkest side
Go! There's the night in your eyes
The town eill burn
This is the dark side, where the only law is the law of the gun
You've gotta kill to survive, you have no choice, ah ah ah ah...

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