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Gotta keep busy,
Keep busy with a broken heart
Gotta rise up, rise up and play the part
But I see you in everyone
Wind whispers your name
And the stars in the night time sky
Looking back at me with your eyes
Break of dawn
Come and save me from the dark
I'm so tired of thinking of you
trying to break free
My mind is under lock and key
I'm so tired of loving you
So desperately
Playing with fire,
still knowing there's a price to pay
Kept holding on to the point
of nothing left to say
Now that's all there was to do
I never stood a chance
I'll never be the same again
Not even half the man I used to be
As I walk down the street
I'm so scared that I tremble
from my head to my feet
Seeing you eye to eye
After all this time
Well I swear that I'd rather be blind

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