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So I'm picking up my clothes and I can't see straight
Don't know where I am, not sure I wanna know
History repeats itself, I've seen this before
Classic case of broken hearted, beaten man
(Hold on) You see I'm hanging by a thread now
(Hold on) Can't stop myself from falling down
I can feel I'm slowly just fading away
(You're gone) That's what it's always coming down to
(You're gone) My mind just keeps coming back to you
And it drives me insane 'cause I couldn't make you stay
As I step into the light I burst into tears
I'm not like this, glad that you don't see me now
Maybe I could get some sleep and just let it go
But you're not there and I'm too afraid to close my eyes
Now the one in the glass won't leave me alone
It keeps haunting me, it's bad company

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