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She's blessed with an angel's eyes
A smile that's bound to melt the ice
She, the owner of a golden heart
Her soul cries in the dead of night, too many times torn apart
She's out there somewhere, she still waits for
The one who never comes
She wanders between love and hate
Somebody save her
Blinded by the pain
knowing love's in vain
Feeling like you've left out in the rain
All you can do is just hang tough
When your love is not enough
trying to survive
All messed up inside
Fighting like hell to stay alive
It's like flying with one wing
When your love don't mean a thing
He had already found his place
Expecting anything but fall from grace
Now, confused with nothing left to say
Dragging feet in sleet and rain
Thinking about the one that got away
He's out there somewhere, he still waits,
just to see her one more time
Though it wouldn't really change a thing
He can't forget her

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