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Our eyes met across the crowded floor,
my heart missed a beat and then some more
How could I've known it was the moment that I lost you
A modern day Romeo and Juliet
Joined at the heart but hardly met
I never knew that magic could hurt us so bad
If I could hold you one more time
Face to face, just you and I
And make it go away
It breaks my heart to realize
There's no hope for the two of us
This battle can't be won
It's no use crying when your heart lies dying,
keep on fighting do the best that you can
You're giving it all to find that small piece of heaven
Reality bites, drains the life outta your soul
Searched high and low if there was any other way
Prayed for a chance to make it okay
But from the start it was only a matter of time
We're both blessed to feel this way
It stays with us til our dying day
Until the end of time
I'll be here for you each day
Til you decide to walk away
Hope you'll remember me
Had to let you go
Hit the all time low
I just want you to know
My heart won't let go

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