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It's a strange game to play
The rules are not that easy to change
When falling in and out of love
There's always a price to pay
Highs and lows, so it goes
Constant changing from best friends to foes
That's how it was for you and I
A thorn and a rose
You told me that you've had enough
And that you're leaving, really leaving
I didn't even say goodbye
I couldn't do it even if I had tried
Do you ever think what we could've had
I do and it's driving me mad
I know I'm only wasting my time
Another lonely night
And I'm tired of dreaming
I slip into overdrive
Everytime I pull down the shades
Maybe it's the end of the line
There's nothing I can do
And I'm tired of dreaming
Why do I even try
To find another reason why
We wouldn't go back
And try to make it allright
Because loving you, like I do
Surely took it's toll on you too
No matter what the cause
I was always true
No matter if it's day or night
I'm always dreaming, keep on believin'
That someday you'd have a change of heart
So we could have a brand new start
Now you know why I feel blue
Come and make my dreams
Come true

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