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I can see the shoreline
And I feel the wind in my hair
Got my motor running
And my hands hold on the wheel
Driving to the sunset
With my baby by my side
Hear the notes of freedom
Sounds so good to these old ears
My mind was numb from working over time
I never really found a reason why
Those days seem to be over, they're over
I found a way, I found a new life
Left behind the past, the trail of tears
I found a way, I found a new life
No more walking the same old trail of tears
I was down on my luck
I was torn, I was blind
Reaching for the bottle
Drank my sorrows, sank my pain
I still recall the darkest night of the year
And the face in the mirror
A stranger staring back at me
Then there was you, an angel from above
I felt your fire burning deep inside
You just saw right through me, right through me
It was a matter of life and Death
I couldn't set myself free
Now you control my destiny
I don't wanna go back, go back to yesterday

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