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Body Language - lyrics

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I don't speak Portuguese - Chinese - Vietnamese - Arabian - Bulgarian - Italian - French - or German
But I know what you mean
Yeah I know what you mean
Eyes lock - buns move - jelly's jumping - one two - my way - your way
I like the way you do it boy
You know what I need
Yeah you know what I need
Talk to me with you body language
Move with me, rock me if you can
Baby tell me all your secrets from A to Z
Let me see you dance
Talk to to me with your body language
Move with me, I'll show you who I am
Baby I'm gonna leave you breathless
Talk to me, let me see you dance
Crooked letter T O
Humpback what's that?
Bet I got cha wonderin' how I shake my feather that fast
Follow me baby follow me
I'll take you to the corner - I'm Dora the Explorer
You can be my monkey Boots
Let me teach you something new
You won't forget
No you won't forget
[chorus 2x]

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