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Wishful thinking and selfless thoughts won't save you from the past.
We rape the earth, rip out it's guts, and then sit back and laugh.
Fuck and fuck and multiply, we are the human plague.
An army of parasites, we have killed our prey.
How do you ignore the evil that we are?
This earth that we left scarred?
We've taken it to far.
We are gone. Left for dead.
Fucked by greed and the bullshit that our forefathers said.
I'll make my mark on the wings of angels.
(We are left for dead.)
Rain down from the skies above.
Destroying everything and everyone you love.
Fueled by hate, armed with fear,
Cry up to the heavens, the end is near.
I am man.
The true controller of God's hand.
Tear open the skies, flood the seas,
Ruining the earth with war and disease.

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Burdens​/​Cut Short B​-​side Track

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