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The next few years look pretty bleak.
You got a future; I got this fucking disease:
the delusions that plague my mind
and the heartache that runs my life.
You can see quite clearly there’s nothing left of me, but you keep fucking reaching.
What the fuck do you want from me?
There’s not a cent to my name. I got no reason to breathe.
Nothing to give; there’s nothing I own
but a dead heart trapped in my fucking bones.
You keep trying to drag me back to hell,
but I crossed the coals, sold my soul,
and dug my way out with my nails.
Goddamnit, it’s looking bleak.
You got a future, I just got this fucking disease.
So if you think of me, let me know;
I’ll still be here on my fucking own.
I’ll never make it out alive.

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