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Blind Eyes - lyrics

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Believe in me like I’m never gonna fall in the first place
Tied down like I’ll never run my own race
Fuel feeds the fire I got desire
But they’re never gonna let us have our own space
If you’re never gonna beat them then u gotta join them
The only problem is holding back a beating for em
The world is a gift and I dream to live
Always getting held back by a mistake
And I know in my heart where gonna keep trying
One day it’s gonna be us on the flip side
Cause it’s in the end that the future bends
Hard work pays off with the dividends so
Believe in me so I can show you the way
Bled this whole world dry
Follow the cash and you’ll find the cause
Bled this whole world dry
Minds on the dollar all emotions are gone
Bled this hole world dry
This is so hard to watch
Believe in me you wanna see how far we can take this
You’re never ever gonna show me where the path ends
Just hard when you’re stopped in your tracks by
Someone with a grudge and fucking a bad eye
Are they misinformed do they just ignore
All the times that we fought to get us this far
And I know you gotta give it all
For the top spot
Think I’ll never break free and get the chains off
You got the keys that we all need
I guess success is only measured when your hands bleed
These scars tell a story of what made me so
Believe in me so I can show you the way
It’s written on the wall it’s written on your face
There’s something more to this you’re taking to the grave
Wish I knew so that secret could be saved
We live once so set us free

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