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Symphony of Sin - lyrics

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With this new weapon I ran through the maze, feeling inspired
My lamp and its blue trail guiding my gaze
As I sloshed through the mire
Getting closer now I see some stairs
The blue residue leading me there
Inhuman shrieks I can hear through the haze, condition dire
Hearing the horrors, what lies past this doorway?
When you dance with the devil, you risk your soul and your life
A trial by fire doing battle with the beast
Kill the beast or lose your wife
Soul or your life - son or your wife - a terrible destiny
I opened the door I was stunned by my eyes, it had to be fiction
There in the center the beast was alive, defying description
Worse than imagined huge and grotesque
Razor like mouth in the midst of its chest
People in cages hung from the skies, with the affliction
The monster was feeding - and also breeding
A choice that should never be
It's a symphony of sin
There is no good solution, there's no way to win
A symphony, a symphony of sin
The beast ripped the cages they crashed from the ceiling
Then creatures spilled out at me
I drew my revolvers and blasted away
At twisted shapes of humanity
My eye on their master they came at me faster
Killing another I climbed to the balcony
I threw down a bookcase crushing the mutate
And thought out loud now it's just you and me
Slashing and whipping and flailing away
It tore at the railing, I ran the other way
Timber was splintered and masonry cracked
I barely avoided these vicious attacks
I desperately daringly swung across the room
Grabbing the chains from the cages of doom
It's a symphony of sin
There is no good solution, there's no way to win
A symphony, a symphony of sin
It's a symphony of sin, he kept playing it over and over again
That symphony, that symphony of sin
Now from behind saw that spot on its head start to glow brighter
I drew the weapon and prayed to my god, and felt it igniting
I felt it attack like a spike through my lobe
Grabbing my head like brain would explode
Pulling the trigger I fired at the beast and blackness took over
I fell into darkness - from its psionics
Had I just died?
Was the monster alive?
I'm seeing a tunnel of light

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