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You Need Me, I Don't Need You ft. Jamie Curry - lyrics

Jamie Curry:
You see my hair is brown, my head is round, there's nothing much inside it now,
I post a new video every night in front of a new crowd,
That's me now, yeah these likes they're going up now,
You lose focus I can you watching them now,
I rap bad, and may not me that cool,
For a fact I'm only 16 and I go to School,
I just pass, with the way I act right,
I can't last if I'm watching only Magic Mike,
See, its true, Channing's where my heart is,
We're like glue, and you could never part us,
He's not yours, now that would be disastrous,
I got a ring you here the ding our love is gonna last yes,
See, I'm real, I do it all, it's all me,
I'm not fake, yeah you can call me Jamie,
I won't stay put, give me the chance to get three,
Million people seem to sort of entertain me,
See Jamie, it pains me, to bring it all back to the AZ,
Amazing, is all I'm hearin' 'em say, when they play me,
I'm, gettin' up on it, I promise, that I be killin' 'em,
Minimum, hittin' 'em, in the shin, like when you're playin' some soccer,
But I'm, just writing this to grasp at your attention,
I'm not dissin', but for rap, you needed an intervention,
So I'm, teaching a lesson quick, you can't debate 'em,
When I'm gonna mention everything featuring Channing Tatum,
That's... 04, he was Davenport on the CSI,
COACH CARTER, he played a character who's named Jason Lyle,
In SUPERCROSS, he wreaked HAVOC, on the girls,
I feel uncredited like his role in WAR OF THE WORLDS,
Get it? War of the Worlds, cuz he's always in Jamie's one,
SHE'S THE MAN, to STEP UP, amazing one,
I BATTLE IN SEATTLE, when I'm stuck in THE TRAP,
I need to, STOP LOSSes, when I'm VOWing on these raps,
I'm a GI Joe, when I'm FIGHTING all these posers,
I RETALIATE to just slightly get over,
And I'm a SON OF NO ONE, so I'm proving I'm immortal,
Everybody in my sight's a PUBLIC ENEMY,
There's a DILEMA's in you think in 10 YEARS you'll be betta than me,
I'm an EAGLE going HAYWIRE, mentally,
SIDE EFFECTS to messin' with me include getting messy please,
You can call me MAGIC MIKE, cuz I must be,
Sexy and there's no point in discussing,
I'm just a FOXCATCHER, and you lovely,
So I can be your undercover lover like it's JUMP STREET,
Saying that, it took balls, Beer Pong,
And if you don't like Jamie, you can be gone,
It don't mean much but I'll be here to lean on,
Until your tears gone like you finished watching DEAR JOHN,
Hah, I know I aced it,
So sick, you sneeze, and lose your braces,
The fact I sent it to Jamie makes me complete,
Cuz like her first video, now there's a Beauty and a Beat,
Time zone switch, all night with the noise,
In my pajamas, so, don't get too excited, boys,
Hello Hello, I'm a hella mellow devil,
If you, want me to prove it, then come and Skype date this fellow, rah,

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