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Undertale - His Theme - lyrics

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This is the end
Just let me win
I found you after you fell
You always did mean well
You made your place in our home
But now I’m so alone
What is this that’s happening?
What is this feeling?
Have I been through too much now?
What will my heart allow?
Don’t you know why you’re still here?
Why I keep you so near?
I can’t let this be the end
Can’t say goodbye again
My hate is replaced with fear
The thought that you’re not here
Do not make me realize
You aren’t the one who dies
I know that you’re not the one
with whom I had such fun
That one isn’t here with me
The one I’ll never see
So alone
So afraid
I'm so sorry
Need to be saved
You can Make the world brand new
Make a new family too
Love your friends like I loved you
Bring peace to me and you
This is all
Just a bad dream

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