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Antidote - lyrics

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the shot - i need the antidote - shot - gimme the antidote
the shot - i want the antidote - i guess i need a lot
i guess i
this is a fucking addict - where you bring on designer dearth
it comes an' breeds dependency just about everywhere
you hand out on the free shots to cover me, 'n' hover me
ah hell, then you set up a factory
fuck yeah - you're leaning on the going rates
the keeper of the code, the filter at the gates
you play a crystal part in throwing off the weights
and every passive monitor collaborates
transistors are asphyxiant
the screens are blistering like they're effervescent
these agents have a go at... at the gathering
of raw radiation poisoning
this is fucking traffic - where the factory lines engage
where the moral men don't ever get to centre stage
where the artery feels like it is not
and then they pack you with a phat shot
ah yeah - there's death on the wind again
countless anarchists addicted to arrangement
syringe, the shot, the right dose of the product
and then they beat you till you're comatose
the quintessence of diligence
nothing more compulsive than my common sense
you got to beat the doors of liberation
on and on and on and on an
tacit subordinates - with your dismal pamphlets
why even post the bills - fuck that, these are poison pills
the settler sets the scene - it's filled with atropine
turns out that all is counterfeit - i waste your fucking hit
the shot - why not become the poison - shot - that bears the antidote
the shot - why not become the poison - antidote

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