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Always Gettin' Mine - lyrics

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I've been gettin' mine since I was knee high
That's why I'm fightin' off the mommies like I'm Marty McFly
So call me Johnny B. Goode, cuz I'm ahead of my time
But I don't rock a six string, this mic is workin just fine
I be shootin game like a washington bullet
And we them Can't Stop kids, you know we came here to rule it
My motormouth is so hot that I be sippin' on coolant
This tank is never running out cuz I can always refuel it
Got my head up in the clouds like my name was Manute
I'm thinking about these so-called rappers and their passion pursuits
It got me feelin' like Arenes, almost ready to shoot
If gettin' money's really evil you can call me the root
Style's so hot you gotta lose your shoes
We be all up in your grill when we feed you the news
So if the hustle is alarming then you gotta hit snooze
Cuz I'm running in a race that I just won't lose
I'm a sucka for 40 freight cars, 14 watching star wars
Living out my dreams, that's what I'm living for
Before stepping out the back door, hit 'em with another hit to make 'em hit the floor more
I soar to unimagined stats on the scoreboard
Check my status on the Eff book, On tour
My baby asked me if she could get an encore
En Course, main course, I ain't even gotta trip
I'm too slick to ever slip - All up in it like a cat for nip
And I'm equipped with the skills to make the beat go bump bump
Whole wide world gon' jump jump
C to the S to the W ill - All up in it like a lion for kill
And I'm endowed with the skill to make the beat go bump bump
Whole wide world gon' jump jump
Jump (x a bunch)
Ayo, we move the party like a riot squad
Internalize the energy like lightning rods
We take advantage of the rhythm like a sabotage
And stayin' right up out yo reach like a phenomenal jump shot
Rock the meter til it's sounding mad sick
Party people we just wanna see you get drastic
Working the components on an instant classic
Got the people buying platinum, but they're payin for plastic
We the kinda kids that kick it off the cuff
This is like a burner that never gets buffed
We the kinda kids that keep it comin' on time
Isn't it apparent that I'm always gettin' mine?
And if the sun don't shine, And if the birds don't sing
And if the lucky don't strike tonight I'm still so polite cuz I'm always gettin' mine
And if the world laughs at me, And if my laundry gets dirtay
And even in my worst of times I'm still shinin' bright cuz I'm always gettin' mine
Ringalator make you spin out the way
DP will make you cough up your ashtray
C to the S to the W ill, get mine
Ain't got no trouble when everything shines
Even if they take away my cheese, I'll still be around
Even if they throw my movies off, I'll still be around
Even if they broke my Bopacon, I'll still be around

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