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Olly olly oxen free, ready or not
Prowling like an ocelot cuz I crush a lot
Got it on lock, full stock and barrel
Wild like an alley cat thoroughbred feral
I make you sweat like the subway in the summer,
Knock out heavyweight up-and-comer
Low presshuh front feel it in your bones
24- 7 rain storm in my zone
That's awesome my possum now watch how i rock em
Johnny appleseed as all my trees blossom,
blooming Benjamin's, full up to the brim
Check me out I'm Scrooge Mcduckin
Splish splash now I'm taking a bath
Fifty meter freestyle all over the track
Piranhas in the water poised for the attack
It's like a jungle in this habitat
Everybody get animalistic
get wild cuz we going ballistic
Everybody get animalistic
Get going cuz we wild
Dropping it in on the track like a paratrooper
Leavin emcees in a funky stupor
It's uberly lucid and utterly stupid
the way I put words together- verse Cupid
I verse you, you verse me
I been bursting at the seems ever since we dropped kitchen clean
So jump back boy and kiss your bad self
at it again so make room on the top shelf
We keep you moving like wd40
We stormin like Norman till.. 6 in the morning
Flow comin at you flash flood no warning
Ring the dinner bell we smorgasbording
Brrrring brrring (yo what up cuz)
Just Doing as im doing like a veteran Does
Since the days of rat tails
combo with a buzz
Ya I been making rhymes since before I had peach fuzz
Everybody get animalistic
get wild cuz we going ballistic
Everybody get animalistic
Get going cuz we wild
Everybody get animalistic
We crashing on the party like a couple of misfits
With a tendency to go ballistic if you trip
I've got some pennies for your eyes so you don't wanna risk it (dig?)
Safari coming through now you don't want to miss it
now a tisket a tasket a blanket a basket
Pic-a-nic in the jungle and the spread is fantastic
Back swinging on the track like its jungle gymnastics
We only kick it wild not a scrap of pasture
Mice and men better beware cause we fly like raptors
From roaring on the floor to soaring through the rafters
I'm gonna bring so many with me you should call me the rapture
So good it make you drool like a buttery biscuit
Now the animal within is ready to be enlisted
If you didn't know by now I'm gonna make it explicit
Everybody's got it in em so get Animalistic

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