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I'm from the biggest little city in the wild wild west
Reno now you know it's the city I rep
A Little rain, but mostly fire
Though i tire and perspire through the mire I will rise again
Not from the city of sin but the city that wins
White trash catching fire burning bright for my kin
Took my lessons pushing wood every day in the street
Get up early in the morning cuz my daddy always told me boy-
'wake up Jacob day's a-breaking, coffee's boiling and the bread's a-baking, roll out cowboy come and get it before I throw it out and spit in the skillet'
Yeah so i finish up my breakfast, put away the ham
And now I never put a T on the end of can
cantankerous hankering banging on the front door
Hear my spurs jingle-jangle as I mount my horse
I've seen fire and I've seen rain yeah (repeat)
Now check it I grew up inside the 495 in the shadow of the capitol is where I resided learned to talk real slick and to keep my stride cuz deep down I knew my future was already decided I had a lot of people tellin me off though had me marching in the line of a familiar barcode but I restocked my reeboks my walk was so cocky on my way I took some cheap shots that would never stop me so with nothing to my name but some rhymes and game I took my dream to the coast seeking fortune and fame and I've been panning for gold but it ain't come up yet it takes time to blow so I don't get upset cuz I'm on it like a bonnet on a pioneer and i'm the king like crocket on this wild frontier to my peers taking shots you can be my guest cuz the Eff won't rest til I'm known as the best
No more changing horses in the middle of the stream
Chasing dreams full steam earn esteem with the team
We bringing meat to the table puttin marrow in ya bones to your
Head shoulders knees and toes
Eyes ears mouth and nose
Then we tickling your senses you ain't even know you had
So get your hands in the air like you was hailing for a cab
And if you're down in the dumps and it ain't going swell
Here's a little anecdote that'll do ya well:
It takes both fire and rain to nourish a forest
To make it flourish make it grow and get that timber to tower
Deriving power from the sun and putting roots to soil
Till the seed that you sow becomes a mighty sequoia
So its a given I'm not gonna give in I just keep on living you know I never quit cause I'm driven
And when I'm done I'll pass the mic to my next of kin
And till we meet again i'll be dropping demos from my coffin

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