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We got the grand prize
Hey. Shows over house lights on credits rollin as i drop the bomb live from the cube in los angeles i did my duty to deliver to you tireless yes spit on-demand call me pay-per-spew they payin per listen Hear my paper? Listen showroom shine grand prize glisten wisdom on the track with these savage adages
Ya, so no longer must I forage for porridge
I've got a forest full of cabbage and I've got more in storage,
Raps aged to perfection
Amply nasty
Unsurpassed cast of two do it new
True: it ain't music of the Usual perusal
Bring it with impunity we make no refusal
To rock it till we take it to the boiling point with another funky joint
So tune in next time ladies and gents cuz I'll be giving you the moon for 99 cents I ain't caterin to haters campin by the fence nah, the only time to beat is my personal best And this right here is a driven individual - Raps Ken Jennings, pursuing nothing trivial - Uh huh- and you already know so let your head nod throughout the outro
As the curtains close and its time to go
Wildebeest almost tout like a manifesto
So Lets make a toast to all the friends and fam and all the folks involved since we started to jam
And to a world full of people who telling you what you can and can't do better recognize
Salty eyes ain't a thing cuz we recognize
That when we doing what we love thats the grand prize

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