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Girl I see you comin a country mile away
Should I make a plan of escape or delay
Should I linger, check the ring finger
Oooh I got a spot where I'm thinking I'll bring ya
Just as soon as I know your name and where you come from
Better keep it tame lest I act dumb
I musta ate butterflies for lunch
I gotta hunch you gonna be my secret crush
Yippie cai ai ey little dogies
I'm lit like a stogie
I'm on a roll like a hoagie
Yogi bear on the move for some honey mami sorry to stare but I find you stunning
If I had a tail you know it'd be waggin
This doggie on point and I'm never slackin
But I'm quick to sniff if the vibe is wrong
Then i better be moseying on
Honey I'm gone
Dance for me, dance for me girl
No one can love you better
Winter spring summer or fall
Sing for me sing for me lady
I wanna be your nightcap, Wanna be your nightcap
Hit the gas, let's go and my engine starts
I Wanna be on the highway to your heart
I'd drive, take a bus or I'd ride my bike
Any way that I can girl I'd even hitch hike
Make a left, a right can't stop for red lights
And I ain't into idling
So gimme the green light
Ring around the rosies
Pockets full of something other than posies
I'm stacked with cash mamma that's a fact
So bring your butt right back when I finish the rap
pop a ring out girl what you say
We could honeymoon down to the bay
I love the way you lookin in that cardigan
Can we go out again?
Fellas wanna hang but I'm ignoring them
Turn the ringer off I ain't answering
Girl like my dough I'm gonna spread this on the table
I'm grazing in the pasture but I want to find a stable
Well I'm all man and then some you could call me Clark Gable
and I testify to you I am ready willing and able.
Girl you know I got my job
Got so much work to do
But when I come home, when I come home
You're the boss
Get up at it early in the morn
And give my best for you
but when i come home, when i come home
you're the boss
What do I gotta do to get next to you
Lotta otha dudes lookin to woo
Im dropping clues, payin double dues
Tossin me round like a game of horse shoes
You way too hot to keep it cool
What up girl scout what up man cub
You got my heart doing double time lub-dub
How bout a back rub after we grub
I keep the love comin when push come to shove
I'm committed like a captain
So you know I won't abandon
no you cant even imagine
That I'd ever send you packin
Girl I want to stay together even in the stormy weather
Whether better whether worse better be ready for forever

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