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On our paper route
On our paper route
More soul when we roll on our paper route!
On our paper route
On our paper route
From the block to the world on our paper route
Here I come with the news it's
The Can't Stop Times
I'm rolling to your porch soon as the sun shines
mile after mile in the early light I might
Ride through the city to the show tonight
Competition stale cuz we stole the fresh
Transcend on the mic but we're in the flesh
Got a 40 acre farm where I'm growing the flow
And I'm fly like a cow in a tornado oh!
No sophistry on the mic
Get the job done right with old time advice like:
'Earn interest don't accrue it'
Accruing your interest is how we doing it
Boss hog on another corn cob
Ride the beat so hard I'm making it sob
Saw so many logs hearing other MCs, I could build me a cabin in a grove of trees
David Effe you the sensei
What do you say mang
I think we need to bangarang and slang a new jam for the true fam
So give a shout and Tell em all about our paper route
We roll 500 deep on 21 speeds
Then take over your street like your facebook feed
I’m rockin wit the hawk and they call me DP
If you rollin then we’ll get along famously
They wanna stop me like a stick in the spokes
But they get lost and I'm off in the thickest of smoke
I know my people feel the real, non fictional flow
So call me Vincent Vega, cuz you dig it the most
Red light, Green light 1-2
Maintain the same lane man that’s how we do
I got the blaster strapped on for the funky few
Me and my people keep it poppin like a thorn in your inner tube
Interviewed - on the news, makin headlines
Got a lot of loyalists queued like a bread line
Few crews snooze on these dudes at bedtime
Still make em sicker than a bucket of red vines
Pass me the mic, no gimme the megaphone
Then rock to the rhythm never stop like a metronome
Hurtin MC’s like I’m setting a bone
And I’ll be droppin every option in my lexicon
And to the people in my general coordinates
It ain’t important so ignore the city ordinance
You want more of this? Of course you do
I bring the thunder - storming like a Typhoon dude
Judas Priest – I ain’t breakin the law
But I do roll deep like a back massage
You can fit a hundred bikes in a two car garage
So let's fill up the streets with an entourage
Now I really hope you like my flavor
But if not, then you better warn the neighbors
That I’ll be runnin this route until I’m up in the majors
And til the papers comin like its on a conveyor player

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