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Yeah we growin flowtanical gardens Oh you never heard that word well I ain't begging your pardon
This be the fresh cream from the top of the carton all the way for Los Angeles to West Harlem Hardly contained and I'm freakin at full effect til the wheels fall off and burn no regrets
So to diss and dismiss on this is ill-advised everybody getting heated cuz I'm cool as snow in July
So don't try to bite on my raps I'm more productive taking a nap than most of these cats
Constant applause I make a dollar a clap I'm about to boom-bap right on outta this planet
I ain't comin down til an encore's demanded Get your hands up cuz the eagle has landed Yo I flow from a source as deep as the Atlantic and I wrote it all from borough to borough on mass transit
Specifically prolific when I'm kickin a flow That's why we ticklin the listeners on every coast and now wherever we go from the Dakotas to the Poconos we bring the overdose and then we steady shock the comatose back to life yo with the kick and the snare Stickin in your head like bubblegum in your hair
I hold it down for the family and double the dare We be the debonaire dream team with savoir faire
(You got rhymes?) Yup can't count em all though Raw flows stackin up as high as the walls go I'm blowin up your spot like a microwave mallow and I got more rhymes than your grandmas got gallstones All told we got the most panache Energetic resurrection for your party crash
A little bit of cash and a lot more comin Better step to the back if you can't stop frontin
Keep it consistent persistence-personified pollenating in the garden as the sun is rising
We fly like a flock and migrate to the top My crates full of jewels that fools wish they got Probing the globe in search of earlobes sure as the cock crows this heirloom flows we plant row after row We rap what we sow
Drop a bumper crop when we rock the show By the sweat of our brow yo we workin the plow Combining intellect and common sense know-how
Well we know this is isn't Eden but it's feeling pretty good Havin the time of my life like a young man should So the secret of the flow is botanical All I need is sun soil and H20 flowtosynthesis genesis of cream Homestead the beat American Dream

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