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Blessed Arms That Hold You Tight, Freezing Co.. - lyrics

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A doorway thats in between
Wasn't me and it wasn't you
The airplane rewrote our histories
Of freeways left to go now
Hysteric screams coming out of the window now
Blessed arms that hold us tight
Freezing cold and alone
Skeleton left the closet for a little while
I slept all through the day
All through the night
All through this year
All through this life
Now cold arms pull the covers tight
And bad boring dreams all come true
And its all long goodbyes
Death will come slowly now
Wake up, pass out, fall down
Comb your hair
Take a long long look in the mirror
You smiled when you lied about all of your feelings
I hope to god none of this comes true
Because one eye is shut
And the other one is completely crushed
Death will come slowly for you

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