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You Came Out Of Nowhere - lyrics

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I thought I heard a sound
Somebody calling out to me
So I turned around
Strangers as far as I could see
drifting through this crowd
Barely awake form last night's dream
I call your name out loud
I never thought you'd answer.
You came out of nowhere baby
Just when I felt like giving up
Do you know where I've been searching?
Everywhere this side of reality
This side of eternity.
Why'd you take so long?
Man I thought you'd never get here
I waited for the dawn
Never finding you was my one fear
It's dark before it's light
And just when you can't believe your eyes
Morning breaks bright and the storm is over

It might have rained for the rest of my life
But you came along
It could have been pain for all of these nights
But you came to stay

This side of reality,
This side of eternity,
This side of infinity.
Is to wrap my arms around your world.

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