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Disobedience Towards Foolishness - lyrics

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All progressing normally and properly
Since the first creation, we are nothing, we are naked and weak
Since the first breath, we are empty and blind. We’re only beneficiaries.
We are your lovers, who forgot the advice.
We were thrown out by a greed, leading to a barren soil
Were driven out by the dissent itself, leading to dry water
We were the creation of the cursed, go to any sweat that drips
Ground where we stand so hate us
Earth where we live is not friendly to us
This planet as an enemy, will be a lot of blood flowing,
Rumbling in the sky cries
Has reached a new face, new paradise wrapped wrath creator
Implementation of hell to the world, this is the reward of disobedience
Sweat droplets that will accompany, grievances that divide the sky will always sing
The battle to conquer the earth, the search for a way out, reaching salvation.
Survive the wrath from the creator. Instincts sued the existence of the old resident from the earth.
Sliced exhaustively, limit arguments survive, unable to stem.
Eroded by greed. The nature of the universe stepped on.
Exploitation by the satisfaction of the brain, exploitation by the gratification of lust.
Navigate the age, the search for identity, spiritual yearning humans blinded by fear.
Inanimate large size, giant primitive creature, a vast darkness. Power over fear.
Reigns over the human concerns of future. We deify and worship.
Across the ages. Volume increases, shortness fully human population.
(managed to step on the nature of the universe. Balance vanished. Creator blind eye.
The nature volatile to us.)

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