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Oracles of Deception - lyrics

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War of the sacred was took you to the penance
And take that oath, it will drop you to the penance
You will behold no one rights have no resistance
you commit to kill them without an abhorrence
Reign, of false … prophecy dominate religion
Ripping possession … ignite human demolition
Dominate (the) lies … trough they mind with false obsession
Decimate … enemy from false comprehension
Butcher all … obsolete command full of lies
Hatred … drop from the vows of the demon
Suffering … in the rotten narrow mind
All your … treachery, shadow of (the) piracy
In the human mind, through out inveracity
Punish from disgust, reveal in the tyranny.
Through the sin to find a way out to the redemption..
Ambition, obsession has long been rotting in the head

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