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We betrayed the people we fight
No more fear, fear of a conscious hide
Remember the sea which kept us alive
The beggars we see, we see far behind
We will not betray the ways
Come an existence we revive
Revive we see our own life
With the face of conscious hide
Bring us forth the game
We have your fear, your fear in our hands
Ripping your minds away
To intimidate your fear for us is a plan
We have forseen the end of your life
In our lifes we are lost for our ways
For we see for light seers away
The people we see will fade away
Trouble me and you'll see
We have great on our side
For we see for the light fades away
We will be
We are the ones who take away
We are the sight beyond the day
See all your prayers fade away
A change in fate will come your way
Seeing the truth behind the maze
Daring to see

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Dreaded Chaotic Reign