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Forced to your death as the darkness holds the smile.
Calling no more to the liars in a land which once only cried.
Call forth to me your whimfull dominus and feel the breath of fire choke his mirage like a soft pirouette. And we'll triumph with time. Laugh at the cross, spit on the cloth, call the blasphemous demons forth and run with the storm.
Rising to the other side, the nightmares dancing on the horizon feed the sky and cleanse the soul. And your thoughts, see them gathering like dancers forever under the trees.
Cause you alone weren't the only one, you alone weren't the lord, you alone will burn in hell, with the lambs all screaming with you. The tyrant claws tearing the earth, thunder as the ancient ones rise. And all those who wasted their key to the gates will perish in eternity longer than they thought. Rising and calling forever in darkness named, shimmering in the twilight of the begotten. The caressing scold of the doomsday letter inscripting the night on tomorrow's gate. Running to perfection, the screams of the wind just a wailing perception.
Come along and dance at the chance to use these velvet claws.
Feed the order with a poison vial, and the deathcrush hence begun. Walking to the midnight, chanting a silent durge to terrify the light, and wake the eternal. And they all dance in chains like the fake ritualist, calling with no mind to no one.
And we'll suffer no more, and we'll fall once more, like always, gathered for never.

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Majestic Nothingness