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Simply Redeemed - lyrics

I am a Christian Do you know what that means?
That means I'm far from perfect Simply redeemed
Bought with a purpose, Purchased by love
It's not a form of religion, but a gift from above
I am not perfect,(noOOOO)but I have been redeemed
I am a believer Do you know what that means?
That means I've pledged my life Giving everything
I never knew that this was meant to be I'm not perfect
But I have been redeemed, redeemed While I was yet in my transgressions
Somebody paid the price for me
I offered up my life to Him And now I say again I am not perfect (OOO)But
I have been redeemed (Oh yes)
I am your brother Let me show you the way We'll take this road together
(oooooo)Take it day by day
Somehow I know we'll make this journey's end Make no mistake about it
You have been redeemed, redeemed While you were yet in your
transgressions Somebody paid to set you free
So offer up your life to Him, Accept His love and we'll begin To walk
For we have been redeemed, redeemed While we were yet in our
transgressions He gave his life for you and me
So why not give your life to him Accept his love and then begin To stand
together hand in hand
And surely He will heal our land And we will wear these chains no more As
these walls come crashing to the floor And then some day He'll come
again And we will find our rest in Him!
Then we'll be perfect, we will be perfect We will be perfect(ohohoh) We will
be perfect Oh, yes we will Simply Redeemed

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