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How much do you remember
About those summers we spent together?
Because I don’t seem to be able
To recall all those things I thought that I’d miss,
Your perfume and your sun kissed skin,
Turns out they meant nothing all along.
I was haunted by the emptiness
That filled the hole you left,
A grave I still can’t bring myself to visit yet.
Though I won’t be losing sleep, I still refuse to forget,
It took me so long to admit we were dead;
But we were dead.
You buried it in the backyard of a house
That we built with our bare hands,
Where you said we’d grow old together.
I felt safe there.
I knew every crooked frame and every creaking stair.
I could have stayed my whole fucking life,
But time, it was never a friend of mine.
I got so scared that I disappeared
Into my head for 8 lonely years.
And it killed me, but it hurt you too, and I’m sorry.
I’m sorry but you weren’t there
When I needed you most.
I felt like I was a ghost of someone you used to love,
But I was never enough to save us.
Are you happy?
Are you happy?
So tell me, is it serious between you and him?
I hope to God that he makes you happy,
I hope I never hear your name again.
Now the home we made is nothing more than a house,
Where we fucked and we ate, but never fell in love.
You’re sleeping in the bed we made, with somebody else.
Are you happy?
Are you fucking happy?

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